We specialize in top shelf distillate cartridges.  All of our products come in state of the art child resistant packaging with branding behind the product intended to sell.  Everything about our cartridges is top of the line, intended to offer the purest taste and effect: pyrex glass cartridges, ceramic coils, metal mouth pieces and pure strain specific cannabis terpenes allow us to offer the end user the ultimate experience.

All of our products are branded around a different “Herban legendz” in order to allow our customers to easily identify which type of strain they are using.  Chupacabra sativa for the daytime smoke, kraken hybrid for that mid day and afternoon delight, and the boogeyman indica to put you “In da couch” after a long day.  For an all day smoke session, why not try our take off to landing flight package?  A T.O.T.L. Package for our all the time enthusiasts. The flight includes a 500mg cartridge of sativa, hybrid and indica; all top shelf distillate, plus a battery and charger all in one convenient case.